Even though I’m not a fan.

It seriously makes me sad when I hear someone bash (indirectly or not) to an idols.

I tell you something. We all know ZE:A Kwanghee. He’s just a DIVA! He knows how to entertain, and he’s really hilarious with his words and actions.

He is a ZE:A member not because he can sing well. He actually failed the audition. But he kept trying until the CEO decided to call him back. He’s a hard-worker.

But I still love him during the MV or in the Live stage.

And Goo Hara. Have you ever wonder what she feels? I should say that she’s the strongest girl ever. Physically (re: invincible youth, :D) and mentally. Also, KARA’s perfect harmony doesn’t need 5 perfect voice to be one. It only needs their hearts.

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